Special Range


All dishes are cooked in a Tandoori clay oven and served with pilau rice.

Choose from the following:

Chicken or Lamb - Takeaway £8.95* / Restaurant £9.95*

Prawn - Takeaway £8.95 / Restaurant £9.95

King Prawn - Takeaway £13.95 / Restaurant £14.95

Tandoori Mixed Grill - Takeaway £13.95 / Restaurant £14.95


Marinated pieces of meat or vegetables are fried in oil and spices to produce a dry, thick sauce.


Meat braised in yoghurt and spices, cooked in cream and served with nuts.


A selection of chef's spices with finely chopped capsicum, ginger, spring onions and finished with red wine.


Medium spice with green herbs and mixed vegetables.


A blend of exotic spices with garlic, tomatoes, onions and capsicum in a sizzling pot.

Garlic Chilli

Barbecued meat cooked in a thick sauce with garlic, chilli and with fresh herbs and spices which is served in a sizzling dish.


Meat marinated and cooked in the Tandoori and simmered in a mouth-watering sauce including barbecued onions and capsicum.


Cooked with minced meat, chickpeas, frsh herbs and spices. This all produces an aromatic dish to savour..


Slices of meat cooked with ginger, and rich tomatoes, for lovers of garlic!.


Cooked with spinach and a selection of spices.

Butter Chicken

Meat cooked in the Tandoori, re-cooked in a very mild sauce with fresh cream, butter and almond powder.

Special Balti

Tender meat cooked with minced meat and fresh coriander.


Cooked with lentils, fresh coriander and medium spices.
Any other rice with any special dish is £1.50 extra and add extra vegetables for £1.50 per portion.